# 9 A La Carte Catholicism

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If you have met some Irish people, you will note that they are “spiritual” people. The Irish love religion. It provides a nice framework for their lives; Baptism at the start, confirmation for the teen years, marraige for family and last rites for death. 

Religion to the Irish is like a comfort blacket to a child. The blanket may “seem” to get a bit worn and raggedy around the edges but the Irish hang of to it with passion. And the fact that it irratates the Protestant British. The Irish love Catholicism even though they may not admit it.

The Irish and Catholicism are a perfect match. It is the perfect religion for a people that like to have rules and choose which ones to follow. The Irish like their religion on a menu hense the phrase “a la carte” catholicism. It’s appeal is it’s variety. They like to pick and choose what suits. The Irish like catholicism because no matter how far they stray they know they can return.

The Irish as a whole have become more secular in the last decade with falling mass attendances and a weakening in their adherance to church rules. But still recent surveys over 95% claim to be catholic. Other religions have made relatively no headway in converting the Irish except maybe the religion of affluence. But they it is all or nothing with most other mainstram religions and that does not suit the Irish physe.  


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# 8 Southsiders/Northsiders

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