# 7 Probably the Best Fans in the World

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The Irish are very serious about fandom. They are fans of winning teams and fans of firing losing managers. The Irish have high expectations of their sports people especially when they have contributed to their upkeep through buying a National Lottery scratch card.  So when they mortgage the house a second time to travel half way around the world to support their team they expect success or a good party. The Irish fan is distinguishable by wearing green, travelling in herds and singing Ole, Ole, Ole in a strong brogue. The Irish fan has traditionally not discriminated against any particular sport, they will enthusiastically hop on the lastest sucessful bandwagon as exemplified by their national soccer team’s progress in the late ’80s and 90’s.

Irish fandom can be characterised by the unity of spirit and camaraderieof the Irish to have a good party. Irish fans are willing to following the most obscure of sports (e.g. Cricket or Sumo Wrestling) as long as they can retire afterwards to the pub afterwards to celebrate a win or drown their sorrows.


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# 6 Black People # 8 Southsiders/Northsiders

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