# 5 Fast Food

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Irish people are born with a taste for any food that sizzles in hot fat. The Irish love fast food and take to it with great gusto; fish and chips, hamburgers, pizzas, curries and Chinese food. The delicate pallets of the Irish consumer is not weary of experimenting with the couture of foreign foods from Europe, American (Mexican/Tex-Mex), Indian, Polish and African dishes provided they are fast to serve and deep fried.

Not alone did the Irish import global branded fast food chains like MacDonalds and Pizza Hut, they invented a few of there own like Supermacs, Eddis Rockets and Abrakebabra.

Public health officials are increasingly concerned at the impact that fast food has on the health of the Irish public. They argue that fast food has lead to the average Irish becoming obese and that they are nearing the top of the league of nations in regard to rates of heart disease. Public officials have quoted fast food as being a “heart attack on a plate”  Most Irish ignore public health warnings in regard to fast food because they know that traditionally the Irish diet has placed heavy emphasis on meat and dairy. They point to their ancestors and indicate that they got on perfectly fine on such diets. All that the modern Irish has done is introduce the frying pan.


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