# 3 Rain

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 Irish people talk incessently about the weather. When Irish talk about the weather they are really refering only to rain or the lack of rain. They don’t refer to the sunshine or heatwaves because that is a non occurance in Ireland. They don’t refer the meaning of weather to the cold or snow because that has disappeared years ago due to global warming. No when the Irish talk about the weather they are only referring to rain. 

Similar to the Eskimos having 50 words for describing the varities of snow ,the Irish have a similar number for describing rain like, “it’s soft” (light misty rain), “it’s pouring” (Heavier lumpy rain), “it’s pis*ing” (Sharp, pointy rain), “it’s shocking out there” (Hurricane-force rain) etc. When it rains, which is most of the time, the Irish wait patiently for a break in the weather (which seems for ever and it is), then when they experience a dry couple of days there is national panic that a drought is on. Even when the Irish go abroad to sunnier and drier climates they cannot stop thinking and talking about the weather or rain. In Spain or South of France, you can often hear the Irish saying, while sunning themselves on the beach kind of homesickly, “Bet it’s pis*ing at home”, or to the local farmers,” We could spare ye a shower, it looks like ye need it.”

It is the first and last thought that enters the Irish person’s head each day; the weather. When two Irish people meet, they start and finish the conversation with a reference to the weather, and more often then not the middle of the conversation is taken up with the weather also, especially when there is a momentary silence that has to be filled. It is important to realise that Irish people talk about the weather because they want to avoid talking about themselves and their feelings. That would be too deep and involve too many explanations. It is so much easier for the Irish person to talk about the weather, and to a person every other Irish gets the hidden meaning behind the references to the weather anyway. 


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