# 1 Irish Mammys

April 6, 2008 at 8:14 pm Leave a comment

They say Irish mammys have a lot to answer for just because they raise their Irish sons to worship the ground they sweep with the brush. Irish women are raised to despise irish mammys because their hubbies compare them to the unattainable sainthood that is their mammys. No bad word can be said against his mammy, the weakest, most coward of gaelic men will take up arms to defend his mammy’s honour to the death. Call an Irish man anything under the sun, but don’t ever call his mammy, ever! The women in this fair land cry fowl at the thought of landing a man who all his life has been waited on hand and foot; a mammy’s boy on occassion has been heard to say “you don’t fry the rashers like mammy”, “you don’t cuddle him like mammy”, “you don’t mind the house like mammy” or the worst comment of all the deepest cutting is “you don’t love me like mammy”. Irish women know they can’t compete, so their solution to this irish of problems is to raise a mammy’s boy all for themselfs, who will worship them every day of their lives and thereby enact the same pain on future generations of irish women. 


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# 2 Taytos

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